Mugen Group Brings Authentic Japanese Flavors to Pampanga, Sets Up MOS Burger and CoCo Ichibanya Food Trucks From July 1 - 31

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MANILA, Philippines – Mugen Group, the company that brought some of the most beloved food chains from Japan to the country, is setting up MOS Burger and CoCo Ichibanya food trucks in the culinary capital of the north from July 1 to 31.


To be stationed in Rockwell at Nepo Center in Don Juan Nepomuceno Avenue in Angeles, Pampanga, the food trucks will carry a specially curated menu featuring some of the two food chains’ popular items.


“We are thrilled to bring MOS Burger and CoCo Ichibanya to the people of Pampanga. This pop-up event is our way of sharing our love for Japanese cuisine to everyone in the province,” said Hubert U. Young, Mugen Group President and CEO.


Mouthwatering Wagyu, Rice Burgers and More


MOS Burger is one of the most popular hamburger chains in Japan, with more than 1,300 branches in its home country. It is best known for their unique Rice Burgers, a signature dish that is crafted with rice as its buns.


For its food truck in Pampanga, MOS Burger will offer two varieties of its rice burgers — their signature  Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger and the Cheesy Yakiniku Rice Burger. It will also carry fan favorites like the Wagyu Classic Burger, Wagyu Western-Style Cheese Burger, Fish Burger, and Double Fish Burger.


Savory Japanese Curry Dishes


CoCo Ichibanya is known as the Number 1 Japanese Curry House in the world. It offers a variety of curry options — from mild to spicy, meat to vegetarian choices, and an assortment of toppings and side dishes that allows guests to customize their meals according to their preferences.


On its food truck menu are a combination of different curries such as mixed curry, omelette curry, and regular curry choices. Must-tries include the Chicken Cutlet & Cheese Curry, Pork Cutlet & Vegetable Curry, Fried Fish & Spinach Curry, Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry, and Fried Chicken Omelette Curry.


“Mugen Group is committed to bringing the flavors of Japan to more areas in the Philippines. Our food trucks here in Pampanga is our way of inviting the communities here to explore and enjoy authentic Japanese dishes,” said Young.

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