A Paw-Some Affair: Royal Canin strengthens commitment on to educate pet parents in the Philippines for responsible pet ownership

Royal Canin has been committed to promote responsible pet ownership

MANILA, Philippines, July 13, 2023 — Pets and fur parents ruled today at Royal Canin's educational and fun event championing responsible pet ownership in the Philippines. The event, held at Somerset Millenium Makati, Manila, aimed to provide valuable information and resources to help more Filipinos create healthy and happy environments for their beloved furry companions.

Pet ownership in the Philippines has been on the rise for years. In 2018, market researcher Rakuten Insight found that the Philippines had the highest pet ownership rate in Asia at 83%. Three years later, another Rakuten survey revealed that the country had a 67% dog ownership rate, the highest in Asia, and a 43% cat ownership rate.

[Gerard Poa, Country Head of Royal Canin Philippines]

“More and more Filipinos are embracing the joys of owning a pet. However, we've realized that being animal lovers is not enough,” said Gerard Poa, Royal Canin Philippines’ Country Head. “We have observed that some pet owners unintentionally overlook their pets' needs and fall short in providing proper care. As a leader in Health Through Nutrition for cats and dogs, we, at Royal Canin, have taken it upon ourselves to educate Filipinos on being responsible pet ownership as part of our mission to make A Better World for Pets.”

This interactive event covered a wide range of topics, including understanding health through nutrition for cats and dogs, pet life-stages which includes the Start of Life period, from birth to adulthood, the science behind Royal Canin, and the importance of regular veterinary check-ups. Royal Canin passionate in pet care and nutrition were present to share their insights and answer queries from the attendees. Moreover, celebrity pet parents like Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Gretchen Fullido, Alora Sasam, and many more graced the event together with their adorable pets.

“I've always been a pet lover, but this event opened my eyes to so many aspects of responsible pet ownership that I had overlooked before. I feel more confident now in providing the best care for my pet,” said one of the celebrity influencers that joined the event.

Royal Canin has been committed to promote responsible pet ownership through various initiatives. Their Start of Life program focuses on supporting pet owners during the crucial early stages of their pets' lives, as kittens and puppies go through numerous stages that can have a major impact on the pet later in life. 

They are actively providing guidance on nutrition, training, and socialization where this year, Royal Canin Philippines kicked-off their Start of Life (SOL) activations with trade partners since January, a total of 10 activations nationwide, have been and will be activated until August 2023. The goal of these activities is to educate our trade partners and pet owners about Responsible Pet Ownership and the importance of a good health foundation for puppies and kittens.

Moreover, their Take Your Pet to the Vet initiative has helped pet owners access thousands of free check-ups and care kits through its Royal Canin Club, loyalty mobile application. With pet medicalization currently at only 27% in the Philippines, the campaign emphasizes the significance of proactive healthcare, encouraging pet owners to visit veterinarians regularly to ensure the overall well-being of their pets.

In addition, Royal Canin's commitment to tailored nutrition for cats and dogs is rooted in scientific research. Their products are formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of different breeds, sizes, and life stages. By developing precise nutrition for pets, Royal Canin aims to not only provide the market with quality products, but also to educate pet owners on the importance of customizing each pet’s diet to support its individual health and development.

[Royal Canin team with Celebrity Influencers and their fur babies]

“At Royal Canin, we believe that Pets Make Our World Better and in return, we make A Better World for Pets. By offering each cat and dog the best possible nutrition and combining our expertise in tailored nutrition with educational and engaging initiatives, we strive to empower more Filipino pet parents with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions for their pets’ well-being,” Mr. Poa said.

For more educational content and information on Royal Canin’s products, visit their website and official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

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