Camella unveils its fourth jewel in Isabela… Welcome to Camella Alta Santiago

Hammocked within northern Luzon’s valley of plains and rolling foothills created by the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range in the east and the magnificent Cordilleras in the west, is the dynamic city of Santiago. It sits in the heart of the province of Isabela – the largest province in Luzon and what is possibly one of the most blest areas in the country in terms of resources.

Part of Cagayan Valley, or what is also known as the Rice and Corn Granary of the North, the province is home to one of the world’s largest remaining low-altitude rainforests and is fringed by mountains that rise gloriously. Irrigated by the country’s longest river, the Cagayan River, Siffu and Magat rivers, Isabela is rife with fertile lands known for rice, corn, tobacco, hard wood, and other cash crops, and is one of the premier provinces of the North. Despite an advantage in agricultural wealth, the province is also known as progressive, with Isabela as its agro-industrial center, a key trade center of the province, as well as the commercial center of Region 2.

A first-class independent component city, Santiago is home to various business industries, with immense growth potential bolstered by its strategic location in Cagayan Valley. With religious and historic sites dotting its expansive terrain, Santiago City is a window to the past surrounded by the top tourist destinations in Isabela.

Realizing the increasing possibilities Isabela offers, and the staggering industrial and commercial growth it has experienced over the years, Camella–the property developer that promises to build homes for Filipinos wherever they choose to live–has already broken ground on its fourth development in the province, Camella Alta Santiago.

A charming four-hectare Mediterranean Village rises

Envisioned as self-contained and alluringly welcoming, Camella Alta Santiago makes it so much easier and inviting to live in what could be one of the finest places to set down a home in the country.

Echoing the ancient structures that are still well-preserved, like the Balay Santiago and Museo de Pattaradday, which have been converted into museums, Camella Alta Santiago brings back a time of quaint, villages where homes blended synergistically with the flora and the land. As the towns that dot the Mediterranean coastline hover gently between sea and sky with houses the color of shells, the homes of Camella Alta Santiago reflect that same Spanish seaside serenity in pastel hues that range from the blue of the sky to the soft terra cotta of the earth.


The homes in Camella Alta Santiago float in landscaped gardens lush with tropical greenery that line shaded streets and color mini-parks. The property offers a variety of home models from the Camella Series. Each home is built with the expert space-planning and exquisite use of the lay of the land that Camella has long been known for. The models offered are the popular Freya and Greta, the lovely Ella and Dani, and the cozy Cara and Bella.

Just beyond the property’s welcoming gates is the Clubhouse. A staple in all Camella developments, the Clubhouse will be the staging area for all the residents’ important events, their family bonding moments, and the place where lifelong friendships will be made. It features function halls and bay windows that offer an entrancing view of the village. Around the Clubhouse will be a playground for energetic kids and a basketball court to feed a spirit of competition.

The entire community will be protected by a perimeter fence, 24/7 security, roving guards, and CCTV at the main entrance, making Camella Alta Santiago a safe place to raise a family and nourish one’s dreams for the future.

Live your life in a sanctuary that stands close to everything you need

Location is always one of the key considerations in selecting and developing properties, which is why Camella sets up communities where people want to live, work, raise their families, and grow old. This is why their communities are close to the facilities and services families need to live comfortably, easily–and preferably, inspired–everyday. These include schools, places of work, transportation hubs, markets and commercial centers, and hospitals.


Camella Alta Santiago offers not just milestone homes and lifestyle amenities, but also creates more opportunities for aspiring homeowners and investors to experience the fulfilling Camella life within the vicinity of Cagayan Valley’s commercial hub.

Setting the bar high for urban living, Camella in Santiago City is an ideal venture that keeps up with the progress of the city. With AllHome by the entrance and transport hubs and business centers a few minutes away, this new community embodies convenience and comfort while reaping the advantages of the city’s exponential growth.

The country’s biggest homebuilder builds bigger and better, for You

In over four decades Camella has built an immense selection of high-quality homes and themed communities across our islands–each one carrying Vista Land’s expertise in space planning, carefully thought out architecture, and an innate knack for selecting the most accessible locations. To date, the group has built over 500,000 homes and maintains a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 49 other key provincial destinations and 147 cities and municipalities.


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