Entravision MediaDonuts Partners with Anzu to Bring Award-winning In-game Advertising Platform to Southeast Asia

Singapore-- Leading digital marketing performance and branding solutions platform Entravision MediaDonuts has entered into a partnership with Anzu.io to bring the most advanced in-game advertising platform to advertisers, developers, and players in Southeast Asia.

Entravision MediaDonuts will now represent Anzu in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, enabling advertisers in these markets to tap into the power of real-world ads inside gaming platforms.

The partnership will provide brands with a sophisticated channel where they could run campaigns in some of the most popular titles by Ubisoft, Saber Interactive, Amanotes, and other leading game developers. These video and banner ads via blended but highly viewable IAB-compliant formats can appear as stadium banners, billboards, buildings, or other 3D renditions to complement the gameplay and make the user experience more realistic.

Data shows that the global gaming audience, which is now at 3.1 billion, spends an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes of game time per session, or almost 8 hours a week. More than 1.4 billion of them come from the Asia-Pacific, with Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia topping the list of the highest number of gamers in the world, according to the Global Web Index of 2020.

In terms of revenue, gaming became twice as big as the film and music industries combined in 2020 with $175 billion. Through Entravision MediaDonuts’ expertise in managing full-service campaigns, advertisers can target a multi-billion-dollar industry that is touted as the fastest-growing form of entertainment around the world.

“Southeast Asia has seen phenomenal growth in gaming in recent years, home to over half of all the world’s gamers. Our partnership with MediaDonuts means advertisers in SEA can now reach this massive, rapidly growing audience with in-game advertising that preserves the gameplay experience. Thanks to our patented, adaptive technology, first-to-market in-game ad viewability measurement with Oracle Moat, and full suite of third-party integrations with AdTech vendors, advertisers will be able to achieve this huge reach in a measurable, cost-effective way,” says Stephanie Lublinski, Head of Partnerships, Emerging Markets at Anzu.

“Gaming in our region has seen incredible growth over the last two years. We’re thrilled to partner with Anzu to bring its groundbreaking, nondisruptive in-game advertising solutions to 8 countries in APAC,” says Entravision MediaDonuts CEO Pieter-Jan de Kroon. “Asia will remain a mobile-first gaming region, but we also see growth in console gaming so advertisers can now connect with consumers across all gaming platforms, leveraging Anzu’s full suite of advertising solutions.”

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