The Pandemic and How it is Making us All Better Cooks

How did the pandemic impact my life? I was forced to work from home, but I'm not complaining. The benefits are far more than you can imagine: more time for sleeping, for house repairs, for loved ones, for learning new skills, and the list goes on and on. Like millions of folks, I polished a skill needed for survival and that is cooking. There's now plenty of time in the kitchen which means I get to learn new dishes and master the old ones I know. It may be a hit and miss but it doesn't matter because I still get to enjoy the process. And now I even have more blog content and photos to share.

Hold your horses! It's not as easy as it sounds. Working a 9-hour shift doesn't give you many opportunities to do the groceries, wash the dishes, and most of all cook. Living alone isn't a walk in the park either. It would be more convenient if I order food online which will last me the whole day, however, the budget restricts me from doing so. A home-cooked meal is practical and the trick I found is to pick easy-to-cook recipes. As I scrolled through web pages for local dishes and got tired from tasting the same ones, I figured I could also try foreign ones. I will soon try my hand at baking, out of curiosity and when I probably get bored. 

Cooking and baking also opened up opportunities. It served as a side hustle for many while some rely on it as their main source of income. After all, food is a necessity. Who wouldn't give in to the temptation of ordering food rather than preparing your own? Due to the overwhelming number of sellers, competition made the prices even more affordable. It's a win-win situation for the buyer and the seller.

As I search the net for various options regarding my next meal, I found some sites about body fat, weight loss and work out calculator which I found useful. All that eating has caused me to gain some weight. In addition, not being able to go out often and ride my bicycle made it even worse. I rarely even see the sun for some vitamin D. 

Whenever I cook, I see to to it that I follow the instructions to a T. I'm particular with the amount and the cooking time. That being said, googling converters landed me on an ingredient conversion tool and using it is as easy as pie. When using an air fryer to make hardboiled eggs for instance, some sites will tell you to set it to 270 F while your appliance indicates Celsius. Or maybe the recipe says 1/4 cup when all you have is a tablespoon. I know, I was also completely flabbergasted that it's possible to hardboil eggs in the air fryer. I use the tool mostly for converting ounces to grams. 

Health buffs would definitely dig the workout calculator. You'll need to input your height, weight, age, and exercise type. And there are lots of options to choose from which include bicycling, running, and walking among others. It even has video games like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution in the list. Talk about the 2000s! Choose between imperial or metric system and male or female. 

As stated on the page, before using the data obtained in the calculator, you should consult with your doctor just to be safe. Countless of advice are also found on the page.

You got to try these games as well. It may look like something made for kids but it's surprisingly challenging. I've seen my nephew play Penguin cafe before and I found myself playing it for a long time after my first try. Open restaurant, on the other hand, is a little bit different and is much more difficult due to the time limit. Before the game starts, it shows you six straightforward instructions but it's challenging. It's a one-man-job and you gotta keep your cool! As the number of customers increases, the level of difficulty does too. The objective of the game is to earn a specific amount of money in a specified deadline. You have to work smart and not hard.

Aside from getting people more interested in cooking, playing these games will surely bring out the competitor in you! I guarantee it'll drive you nuts as you figure it out at first. And if you're like me, you won't get far into the game if you're not so good at these things. Nonetheless, you'll have fun.

Try them at your own risk, haha! Don't say I didn't warn you. I practically have to set a time limit to restrict myself from playing too much.

If you think kids' games are not for you, think again! I just found out they're so simple that they can ease away your stress so easily. Try Plumber soda for instance and you'll know what I mean. It's plain and simple, just spin the pipes clockwise and connect them. It's oddly satisfying to watch the soda flow through the pipes once they are all connected to each other. Take a break from those complicated online games and indulge in this one. You may want to try the other ones from the same site.

I actually tried a lot of games from the site and this other one caught my attention because I love fruits and how uncomplicated this game is. To play Onet Fruit Classic, simply match two fruits from the selection, whether they're near or far from each other until you eliminate all of them. Make sure there's a clear path for a line to connect the two items. For clues, click on the magnifying glass to find the right fruit to click on and hit the shuffle button to well, shuffle them all. They're easy on the eyes as they're colorful.

If you find them entertaining and helpful, leave a comment down below. I'd also love to hear your thoughts about the ingredient conversion tool. Bon Appetit!

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