Holcim highlights reliability, partnership in digital campaign for flagship brand Excel

Holcim Philippines has started a social media campaign highlighting its flagship general purpose cement brand Excel, which has established itself as a preferred choice among local contractors for reliability in building quality structures in its nearly two decades in the country.

Leading cement manufacturer Holcim Philippines, Inc. has rolled out a new digital campaign for its flagship general purpose cement brand Excel that highlights the product’s reliability in building durable and quality structures that supports user’s aspiration for progress.

The company has started a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram focused on how its Excel brand is trusted by contractors having established itself as among the preferred cement brands in the market for building important structures from homes to infrastructures. The campaign features Filipino words “kasangga” at “pag-angat” in reference to the attributes Excel is associated with as well as images of builders and homeowners.

Holcim Philippines Vice President for Marketing and Innovation Ram Maganti said the campaign is a celebration of how Excel has helped contractors build a number of structures that have made people’s lives better all over the country since its launch in 2001.

“Holcim Philippines has sold over a billion bags of Excel in the brand’s nearly two decades in the country. This reflects the trust in Excel of local contractors who in turn have used this to build many of the things that benefit us today. This campaign is a reminder that Excel will continue to be reliable partner in building a better Philippines moving forward,” he added.

Aside from the product posts, Maganti said the company will be sharing stories of its partners and employees whose lives have become better with Excel.

“We are thankful to our partners and people who have enabled us make Excel a success in the Philippines. We’d like to share their story as part of this campaign to provide positive and inspiring stories during this time. Our Excel experience shows that things do get better and there are companies and brands that you can count on to support you in your progress,” Maganti said.

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