Seafood dining: Seascape Village is more affordable than you think

The Chinese New Year, a special non-working day, is celebrated by most Filipinos by displaying round fruits, wearing ubiquitous red garments, and gathering together for sumptuous meals.

But while enjoying a relaxed ambiance with families and friends and feasting on delicious food is ideal, it need not be expensive. Seascape Village, a dining complex with restaurants and a wet market, boasts of having the most diverse and freshest seafood supply in the metro – one that is easily accessible and reasonably priced.

“Most people think that just because we offer premium experience, dining here is already expensive. Actually, what Seascape Village offers is the best value for money for all the guests. We have a wide array of restaurants to choose from that will fit everyone’s palate and budget,” said Christine Suntay, Seascape Village marketing and events head.

On February 4 and 5, Chinese New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year, respectively, Seascape will be having traditional Chinese performances, dragon and lion dances, fireworks display, and Feng Shui reading.

While giving guests an authentic seafood market experience – complete with tanks full of live seafood and the traditional haggling for lower prices – Seascape Village has evolved this experience into something better. The dining destination inside the CCP Complex has beefed up measures to ensure the security of its guests, wide parking spaces and valet service for convenience, and an exciting mix of restaurants.

Located along the coast of Manila, Seascape Village also offers one of the most beautiful views of the unparalleled Manila Bay sunset.

“With our guests always our top priority, we have ensured that only the freshest produce are sold here at Seascape Village, if not live, these produce are flown in fresh from various parts of the country. We also have our own ice production facility to keep cold products cold,” said Suntay.

Seascape Village brings together the treasures of the Philippine seas – from shellfish sourced in Roxas, among others, to crabs and lobsters from the Pacific coast, to groupers from the Visayas, tuna from Mindanao and everything in between, including the majestic view of the setting sun on the horizon of Manila Bay. Truly, it is an experience no other dining destination can offer.

“The best way to experience Seascape Village is to come and visit us and see and taste for themselves what we offer,” said Suntay.

Seascape Village is located between Sofitel Philippine Plaza and the Manila Film Center at the CCP Complex in Pasay City.


Celebrate the Lunar New Year with feasts of the country’s freshest seafood only at Seascape Village. The wide array of restaurants offers a variety of dishes that will satiate everyone’s cravings.

Usher in the Year of the Earth Pig at Seascape Village while indulging in the freshest seafood from around the country. Live lobsters, crabs, fish, even groupers, are available at affordable prices.


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