Robinsons Supermarket Indoor Bike Challenge Powered By San Marino

I am fond of riding the bicycle and it was my delight to hear that I can join an indoor bike challenge. Although it was in Pampanga, I did not hesitate to accept the invite. It was sponsored by San Marino Corned Tuna. Chili corned tuna, Tuna flakes, Tuna Paella, Tuna Fillet, Tuna Flakes hot and spicy, and Tuna Laing are among the many variants of this product which is rich in The omega 3 and 6 that is needed for a healthy heart.

It was the 24th of June and we rode a shuttle from Gateway in Araneta to get to Robinsons Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga. Just like a school field trip, we sang songs along the way and ate snacks while traversing through the one and a half hour journey.


Upon arrival at the venue, we registered like everyone else and were each given a stub with a checklist wherein a reward of a San Marino corned tuna and a voucher for 2 boxing sessions at Elorde fight camp awaits us. Five tasks were to be completed:  

Food tasting
BMI (Body Mass Index) and BP (Blood Pressure) check
Diet Consultation

The sixth task was not compulsory but it looks like everyone wanted to accomplish it. It was a photo session using the photo booth. Now, who would'nt like that?

As participants of the event, we had to undergo the BMI and BP check to make sure we are in good condition for the bike challenge. There were three sets of twenty participants for the indoor bike challenge. The first one started at 2:15pm, then we joined the bike challenge at 2:40pm and the last was at around half past three.

I had not attended an indoor bike activity and never expected it to be this much challenging and fun. There was a big screen in front which simulates the road, a lively music, and a celebrity coach named Nicki in front to guide us with the exercise.

Riding the bike is a complete body workout. As we were riding the stationary bicycle, we were instructed to do some push ups, bend sideways and forward, and many more. There was stretching at first, started pedalling slowly then faster and returning to slow again and ended with some stretching.

We all posed for some photographs with our Certificate of Participation, a tumbler,, and a voucher for free 10 Boxing Sessions. The highlight of the day was the race wherein the competitors had to beat each other for a period of twenty minutes. The goal was to have the greatest distance pedalled. We all certainly had a great time and I wish I can join the next one. I sure hope I muster the guts to join the race by then.

By the way, the next race will be on 9th of July, 2017 at Robinsons Metro East. The champion will be receiving Php30,000, First runner up is PhP20,000 and 2nd runner up is Php10,000. See you there!

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