E-Commerce Made Easy: LBC Business Solutions and Gencys Digital Trading Team Up to Revolutionize E-commerce and Help Filipinos Succeed

LBC Business Solutions partners with Gencys Digital Trading. In the image are (left to right) Recolle Delos Reyes: Account Manager, Business Solutions; Jerome S. Santos: Senior Vice President, Business Solutions; Nadine Ann Luceña: President; Hernani Razon: CEO; Charlie Gos: CMO

Manila, Philippines – As the internet and mobile selling platforms continue to expand, e-commerce has become increasingly popular. By transitioning to this platform, traditional businesses can reach a wider audience, reduce overhead costs, and offer customers the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere. LBC continues to support the growth of the e-commerce industry and is committed to helping businesses succeed in this exciting and dynamic marketplace.

LBC, the premier logistics company in the Philippines, has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Recognizing the growing importance of e-commerce for businesses, LBC has been proactively diversifying its capabilities to address the unique needs of online retailers. With a dedicated Business Solutions arm, LBC has crafted a suite of e-commerce delivery solutions that cater to the global Filipino market.

To ensure the success of these solutions, LBC has partnered with Gencys Digital Trading, a company that shares LBC's passion for helping e-ComPreneurs build sustainable systems while maximizing their profitability. This partnership has leveraged the latest e-commerce platforms and services, providing customers with a seamless end-to-end delivery experience.

“By partnering with a dependable end-to-end logistics provider like LBC Business Solutions, we have e-commerce solutions on-call ready to be tailor-fitted to make doing business so much easier for the Filipino of today,” Jerome Santos, Sr. Vice President of LBC Business Solutions said. “From cross border, first mile up to last mile order fulfilment – we can work hand in hand to mix and match our services to give our customers exactly what they need to succeed.”

“As a specialist in this industry, we aspire to achieve the level LBC reached in making their name synonymous to logistics, in the sense that e-commerce would equate to Gencys. We plan to do this by continuously improving our systems, tapping Six Sigma to continually improve our processes, become efficient in helping fellow eComPreneurs build their business,” Hermani Razon, Gency’s Chief Executive Officer elaborated.

“With LBC, all the tools in e-commerce, such as the chatbot, the payment method, ERP, virtual cards, and all that, in the end, it all boils down to matching the tool to what the enterprise needs. The e-commerce industry won’t be successful now if the courier is not organized. LBC is number one in the courier business; they have the system; they have the processes. They have already transitioned from traditional to full e-commerce,” said Nads Lucena, President of Gencys.

Santos revealed that LBC provides their partners with the strength of its network reach and ability to bring products even to areas that are difficult to access. “We have never failed on that commitment,” he said.

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