Jarlo Bâse refuses to adhere to conventions on haunting, genre-defying track ‘O Sana, Hosanna’

Jarlo Base

By Carissa Alcantara

Filipino artist Jarlo Bâse deftly incorporates contemporary pop, R&B, gospel, and alternative music influences with haunting soundscapes on his new single “O Sana, Hosanna”—out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

The song draws listeners to its emotionally powerful narrative while making great strides in songwriting and production.

According to the talented music act, the concept of his new track came from his filmmaker/choreographer friend Jobert Lachica.

Who pitched a story about the cycle of abuse and being abused, or, in the words of Charles Eads, the theme surrounding the phrase “hurt people hurt people.”

“So, from there, I thought of sharing the perspective of someone who is going through a dark phase in his/her/their life, and what it might feel like to constantly have an ongoing battle with one’s self,” Jarlo explains.

“O Sana, Hosanna” was written by Jarlo Bâse, who also serves as the 2023 single’s sole producer. He constructed a sonic equivalent of a battlefield, or to quote him directly, “a scene from an anime where the main character is struggling to break his limits in a fight.”

“O Sana Hosanna” will be launched for the first time on a live stage this Jan. 20, at the Social House in Makati City.

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