Havas Life presents The World Reimagined: A Prosumer Report on Health & Hygiene

As the world slowly and cautiously reopens and Filipinos pin their hopes on vaccination, it is becoming clear that our post-pandemic lives will never be the same again. With COVID-19 permanently transforming the way we live; we must start to imagine how our future will be shaped by these changes.

As part of its campaign “The New Life: A Health Care Lens Towards a Post- Pandemic World,” Havas Life will be hosting the webinar “The World Reimagined: A Prosumer Report on Health and Hygiene” featuring experts from health care and government as they provide their points of view about life coming out of the pandemic.

Sharing their insights will be Dr. Eric Tayag, Director IV Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service Department of the Department of Health; Dr. Christine Tinio, Vice-President of the Philippine Medical Association; and Dr. Ted Padilla, Executive Director of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines. The online discussion is the third and last in Havas Life’s series of webinars on the effects of COVID-19 on health and wellness.

The webinar will mainly feature highlights from the Havas Prosumer Report on Health and Hygiene, which reflects insights from Filipino prosumers and their views on the role the health sector in paving the way for a better post-pandemic world. 

The Prosumer Report is a series of thought leadership publications by the Havas Group in order to understand emerging trends. Prosumers are the 30% of the consumers who are today’s leading influencers and market drivers. What prosumers are doing today, mainstream consumers are likely to follow 6 to 18 months after.

“While we may not be nearing the end of the pandemic just yet, we should already be thinking of how to cope with its irreversible and long-term effects in our society. There may be a lot of things we still can’t answer with certainty but what is clear is the huge role that the healthcare sector will play even after COVID-19 is no longer a global threat,” said Amor Magno, General Manager of Havas Life. “That’s why Havas Life is investing in these exchanges and reports, because we believe we should think beyond the immediate effects of the pandemic.”

Launched early this year, The New Life Webinar series of Havas Life is Havas Media Ortega’s response to the impacts of the COVID pandemic. Havas Life provides an integrated approach to communication by combining market research with medical expertise.

The World Reimagined: A Prosumer Report on Health and Hygiene webinar will be held on September 30, 4PM to 6PM Manila time. To register, visit https://havaslife.mme.ph/registration/.

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