LBC makes its move to digital transformation

The way consumers talk and transact in this millennial world is changing at a breakneck speed. With dwindling attention spans, an open market that has attracted challengers from all corners, and the need to get business done with a swipe of the screen, enterprises are now being asked to reconsider where they stand on this playing field today.

LBC Express, the leading logistics provider in the Philippines, knows that to sustain the success it has enjoyed for over 68 years, they have to embark on one of their biggest and boldest moves yet: a comprehensive digital transformation. The intent is to move differently and put themselves in a position to better respond to customers, clients, and corporations’ needs.

An upgrade from the ground up, LBC Express initiated a revamp of all its digital assets starting at the back is an integration of all their operations, breaking free from silos, aligning all the data they have of their clientele worldwide. From there, they are also introducing an all-new mobile app, relaunching the corporate site and consolidating dozens of different territory-initiated social media pages into one official Facebook account.

Because of this revolution, the company’s platforms and other solutions will allow people to benefit from LBC’s features in the most intuitive, simplest, efficient way possible. The use of technology is more responsive and proactive to what people truly need which is a service that allows them to focus on moving beyond the things they send to their families, loved ones and even business partners.

To bring all these impactful changes together, the new communications has also taken on a more progressive route inspired by the campaign’s manifesto “Let’s Move”. A refreshed tone, look and feel puts the customer at the center, with an even more comprehensive media plan that follows not just the customer’s journey, but also offers him customized solutions he can avail of as he grows with the brand instead of merely one-and-done transactions.

They have also taken digital transformation to the next level in terms of their relationship with their partner that debunks the old Client-Agency model in favor of a far more collaborative set-up with its new Partner of Record, The Havas Ortega Group.

LBC’s Chief Marketing Officer Javier Mantecon reflected on the decision to tap Havas Ortega. “We weren’t looking for just a communications agency. We were looking for a partner that will be directly involved in all of our marketing operations.

Their understanding of our business needs, their expertise in digital marketing and their insights on our new market through their Millennial Codes Study synced with our digital transformation goals. It is through this synergy, we are able to deliver more to our clientele through our services in the most efficient way with the help of technology,” he said.

Asked to elaborate on the unique alliance, LBC Express President & Chief Operating Officer, Mike Camahort shares, “We are excited to make a major move with our digital transformation and keep up with the demands. It is amazing that this is guided by a unique and non-traditional strategy of getting operations and communications together as an integrated whole. Havas Ortega understood the life stage of LBC Express and they were able to demonstrate on how we can help more lives, business and even communities”.

As LBC Express clears the runway on this journey towards complete digital transformation, even more impactful moves are being mapped out in the horizon. With an open invitation to everyone, LBC is more than ready to take on all the challenges that this Millennial World has in store.

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