Showbiz moms care for their children and themselves with Cetaphil

(L-R) Ms. LJ Moreno and her son Ian; Ms. Nikka Garcia and Isabel Oli-Prats

Nikka Garcia, LJ Moreno-Alapag and Isabel Oli-Prats have many things in common, among them, being devoted wives and doting mothers to their children. Nikka is married to actor Patrick Garcia and mom to Chelsea and Nicole; and she is also a mommy blogger. LJ is wife to retired PBA player and now Meralco Bolts assistant coach Jimmy Alapag, mother to Keona and Ian, and runs a pastry business, The Lollicake Factory. They are also both expectant mothers. Isabel is married to actor John Prats and mother to Lily Feather. All ladies have one important thing in common: they are thankful to have been blessed with husbands who are hands-on fathers.
Showbiz moms care for their children…

During the Tribute to Moms by Cetaphil held in SM Makati on August 27, they shared how they manage to strike a healthy home-life balance and stay looking and feeling great.


LJ says that she has learned to maximize her time. “You have to be strict with time management, otherwise, you won’t get things done. I’m lucky because now both [my kids are] in school, so I get some ‘me time’. Lately, what we’ve been doing is [whenever possible], Jimmy and I will drop them off at school, then we have breakfast [together], then go home and he gets ready for his practice and I have my quiet time, and I check on my commissary downstairs. After having kids, my priorities changed.

What I decided to do after I got pregnant was move [the commissary] to the ground floor of the house, good thing we had space. At least I am able to check on the business and be with the kids because they always want to be with me. And if I bring them to the office, I won’t be able to get anything done. Now that it’s at home, they have their playroom upstairs and I can bake downstairs.

Even my workout, I moved to the house because I can’t go to the gym anymore. I compiled Zumba videos and even now [that I’m pregnant], I do prenatal yoga [guided by] videos. You have to manage your time well and be strict with it.”

Isabel says splitting parental duties with her husband is a great help. “My husband is an actor and his schedule is really hectic and there are days when he is not busy. So it is hard to adjust. When my husband is home, he’s very hands-on, so nakakagalaw ako. I can leave the house or I can cook.”

According to Nikka, she has found that changing her perspective has improved the time she spends with her family. “I’ve learned that I just have to put my heart into what I’m doing at that particular time. When I’m giving my eldest attention, I’m there. Pag lumipat ako sa youngest ko, kumpleto din siya. When I spend time with Pat, kumpleto din siya. I’ve learned to just be in the moment with good time management and focusing my mind and my heart at that particular time. I’ve been able to accomplish more, it’s more than spending time, it’s quality time.”


The celeb moms agree that being a wife and mother does not mean you have to give up being yourself. According to Isabel, she makes time to work out when Feather is asleep. Nikka treats herself to pampering with an hour in the salon or by having a massage. LJ makes the same concessions. She also added that she wakes up earlier than her two babies so she can have quiet for her prayer time in the morning.


The three mothers have amazingly clear skin—how do they do it? They each confess that their skincare regimen is simple.

"I'm really lazy when it comes to going to the dermatologist. So I just make sure that I really wash my face and moisturize hanggang leeg before going to sleep." LJ says.

Nikka says that “As much as possible, I don’t apply makeup every day. I use the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser to wash my face and moisturize. It’s so gentle. Especially now that I’m pregnant, your skin dries up. It’s what has worked.”

According to Isabel, “College palang, I use Cetaphil talaga. My dermatologist prescribed it for me. Even when I was pregnant, my doctor told me to use it. [As celebrities,] we’re always wearing makeup pag nasa labas, make sure really clean before going to sleep. I use the Cetaphil Lotion also. Nakakatuwa, my baby has sensitive skin, so sabi din ng doktor, ‘yun yung puwede sa kanya. So I just use Cetaphil Lotion, Cetaphil Massage Oil, Cetaphil Shampoo, Cetaphil Body Wash.”

LJ, Nikka and Isabel are mothers, like many mothers out there. Real women who try to the best of their abilities to strike a healthy balance of being wife and mother without sacrificing time to take care of themselves. They have found an ally in gentle skincare in the full range of Cetaphil products.

Cetaphil is the most prescribed skin care product by dermatologists and pediatricians. Cetaphil is available in department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

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