YeongYang Hansik : Premium Korean Food

          A new Korean food stall located in Madison Commons, Kapitolyo Pasig City  has recently opened. This is the perfect place to chill if you work nearby. It won't matter what day it is, be it Monday or the weekend because once you try dining at YeongYang Hansik, I guarantee that you will be back for more and your stress will literally go away.  Here are the reasons why you should eat Korean dishes and why try it there.

1. Korean Food will help you lose weight. 

    Ever wonder why most Koreans are slim? It's because their food is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. 

2. Everything's all natural, making it naturally delicious.

    Below is a dish that uses Ginseng. Not just one but five different kinds. What makes this dish unique is that rice is inside the chicken when served. The meal is so tasty and is a complete meal and is ideal for people who are into high-protein diet like body builders.

3. The price is right.

    Yes, their food is affordable but the taste is premium. You don't need to shell big bucks in a fancy restaurant just to taste Korean food. Since the servings are generous, you can share your meal with friends.

4. Even the coolers are guilt-free.
    Take your pick from Mango-Orange, CucoMoringa, and Raspberry Lychee. They're sweetened naturally. and you can be sure that everything in your glass does not have artificial sweeteners. Refined sugar is addictive, if you must know.


5. You want something new.

    Eating the same dish over and over is so boring.

Have you tried Lechon Bibimbap? You better do!!!

So there you have it. The true test is in the tasting, Why don't you try it for yourself? Oh and if you're looking for their Facebook page, here it is


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