Recommended Daily Skin Rituals for Glowing Skin

          Maintenance of a healthy skin is a must and the best time to start is now! We must take care of it on a daily basis and sticking to a proven effective set of habits is important. Doing so can make our skin glow and will save us the hassles of going to the Dermatologist. Here are the things I do: 

1. Clean up is the first step. Make it a point to use a mild anti-bacterial facial wash. All the dirt, oil, and makeup will be removed.

2. For the excess dirt, a mild toner will care of it.

3. Application of a natural oil facial serum to keep skin moisturized and healthy is a must.

4. Vitamins play a vital role in the maintenance of our skin. Vitamin E supplements taken once daily will keep it beautiful and healthy.

The role of Vitamin E is to maintain the radiance of the skin and provide it a healthy glow. It aids in the maintenance of the blood vessels, brain & nervous system functions. The immune system is strengthened and a good eyesight can be achieved by taking Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, meaning it helps prevent damage to cells and their DNA by neutralizing harmful molecules called free radicals.

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