Why Should Businesses, Even SMEs, Invest on GenSet?

In the advent of economic and industrial transformation, businesses, even those small start-up ones, are already considering installing a ready power GenSet for their company. Most of the business plans created will attest to this. A more preventive and budget friendly model that will surely be a long term help for every company.
Power outage is one of those uncontrollable circumstances that should always be considered. Huge established businesses/companies already know its significance because of all the assessments and studies done, but for SMEs, for some, they consider this as ‘too-much’ for their available fund, therefore, taking the idea in the shelf.
The World Bank reports that the Philippine economy stays resilient (Philippine Economic Update, December 2022) despite all the reports about inflation and economic dowturn. All these current problems might affect our resources’ supply including power, if worse comes to worst. Therefore, to prevent these possible losses from happening and maintain our stable finances, we should invest in a power generator
Looking at long-term advantage and business efficiency are something that you should always take in consideration.
According to Market Business News, there are four compelling reasons why you should, as the business owner, consider purchasing your own generator set.

  1. Maintaining the productivity of your workers
Every business, even start-ups, requires employees for assistance and to achieve your day to day business goals. You should ensure that these people are always productive at work to reach their quota and achieve those needed sales. Just like what mentioned, power outages are one of those that could hurt your business, especially if you’re using machines that need electricity (like bakeshops, canned goods producers and many others).
Clearly, a power generator set could avoid this. The generator will supply electric energy to your machines, resulting in continuous production of your employees. Power outages will not be feared anymore.

2. Retaining customers
Getting new clients is hard for the business, however, retaining those existing ones is more challenging. These loyal customers help us gain new clients also through word of mouth or possible recommendations. And do not forget the power of the internet, these retained clients could also show their satisfaction by creating reviews on their social media accounts or even blog entries. With these, we can never afford to lose them just because we are affected by power outages. Closing your store during working hours should always be the last option in our mind. You wouldn’t want to see them at the office of your competitor, right?

3. Enhance brand reputation
You might fail to build your brand reputation if your store or office is closed because of an unexpected power problem. Remember that when creating a business, brand reputation should be established. This is established by many different factors and should continuously build overtime. In a business point of view, this is very crucial since there are potential clients who are very keen on checking for business reliability. Most of them will check for all your available resources and if you don’t have your own power generator to assist during power outages, you will be out of their list.
A standby genset will give you that extra advantage in the competition. Full assistance to your client’s needs will gain you positive feedback that eventually adds up to your brand reputation.

4. Boost security of your facility
To be able to achieve business success, business security (of all facets) should be ensured. Remember that attackers could take advantage of your facility’s resources when out of power. During power outages, the light, alarm and CCTV facility will not function, therefore, giving a huge chance for violations to happen.
To make sure that this will not happen, your power generator from a reputable brand should be put in place. Remember that secured business gives a better chance of success.
These are four of the many reasons that could push you to do the purchasing. If budget is too much of an issue, try securing a second hand electric power system or Used GenSet for the meantime (but still from a distinguished brand), again, for business security. And when you get that business-boom in the future, do the replacing if needed.
Power problems are uncontrollable, so better think of ways to counter its negative effect on your business. #

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