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I've been stuck at home since March of 2019 and I'm not complaining. In fact, I enjoy the perks of working at home. Although it may have its benefits, it does have its shortcomings like paying for your own electricity bill and suffering from from the high cost brought about by air conditioner use. But using the AC daily isn't practical at all so I switched to my fan and now I'm perspiring a lot because of the humidity.  But recently, I've invested in a mesh type ergonomic chair but it contributes just a little to  cool myself down. Personal hygiene, in my experience plays a big role in maintaining a good mood for work. I take a bath almost thrice a day but there's still something missing. 

My clothes get stained by the deodorant I'm currently using and I just hate it. Not to mention that it also darkens my underarms. Also, it doesn't stay dry for long and that's not economical at all. Keeping myself fresh is such a tedious job. Well, purchasing deo isn't that hard coz Shopee is just a click away. However, I need a better product and this where Nivea comes in.

Got my supply of Nivea for Men Black and White Power Roll On Deodorant 50ml Bundle of 2  from Shopee recently for two reasons. It doesn't stain my clothes; Black clothing doesn't have white marks and my whites stays white instead of being stained with yellow. My clothes aren't the only one not getting stained but also my skin. It 's anti-perspirant protection practically lasts up to 48 hours. Plus, it's dermatologically tested and approved.

It's not only the ladies who gets conscious about dark pits. Nivea for Men Whitening Roll On Deodorant 50ml bundle of 2 lightens underarms, repairs it, and evens out underarm skin. Best of all, it keeps it dry and fresh for also 48 hours. It's dermatologically tested and approved so it's safe for all skin types.

Working at home just felt way better with these hygiene products from Nivea. Take advantage of their Buy one Get One deals. Visit their official store at  Find this and more skincare and makeup essentials at Shopee Beauty starting June 14. For more information, visit 

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