Why Homeschooling is Right for You

In this time of pandemic, parents are looking at homeschooling as a learning option.

This July, learn about the WORLD’s FIRST EVER BlendFlex and TripTeach program!

Join Ms. Rossana Llenado, Founder and President of Ahead Education, and her team as they talk about how it can help you and your children face real-world challenges using the best attributes of traditional education, progressive learning, and homeschooling.

TripTeach is a learning approach that combines the structure of traditional education, the synergies of progressive learning, and the commitment of homeschooling.

Click here to register https://www.eventbrite.com/e/parent-seminar-tickets-111914252542. You can also set a reminder directly from your Facebook messenger here: https://m.me/AHEADAlpha?ref=w11647324


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