Perfect rice every time

Like most Filipinos, I can’t live without rice. It just goes with almost every meal I eat. From adobo to sinigang to tocino, a cup of steaming white rice is the perfect complement. Mas sumasarap talaga ang ulam pag may bagong lutong kanin! So it goes without saying that the rice cooker is actually a must-have in my kitchen.

While it may be an afterthought to some, a rice cooker is not just a simple kitchen appliance to me. The model I use right now is the Kyowa 1.8L Rice Cooker, and I love it! It’s very affordable but I am still able to cook perfect fluffy rice every time.

The Kyowa is great for large portions, able to cook enough rice for about 8 people. Perfect for when I have visitors over for lunch or dinner. Aesthetically, I really like the Japanese-style design. And I think the built-in cover seals the rice better so it stays fresh and warm longer. It also came with a measuring cup and spatula as standard, together with a tray for steaming vegetables.

If you’re a big rice fan like me, check out the affordable Kyowa Rice Cooker available on Shopee.

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