Maxbox VR Offers Tailored Marketing Experience Through VR Cardboard

Atlanta,Ga., June 1, 2018 -- MaxBox VR, the leading manufacturer of branded VR headsets, announced today that it sold a total of one million virtual reality headsets in 2017. The company offers an innovative marketing experience to companies all across the globe through their VR cardboard creations.

Since 2014, Maxbox VR have been working hard to make brands and businesses worth remembering in the new digital age, while establishing themselves as THE brand for cardboard VR headsets. Maxbox VR is the secret force behind most of the VR marketing campaigns that you most likely encountered at launch events for companies such as Microsoft, Nestle, Nike, Krispy Kreme, Snapchat and Google. Google Streetview has chosen Maxbox VR as the go-to for VR cardboard. Visit Google Streetview partners to learn more.

With VR cardboard, the possibilities are endless. For example, Maxbox VR worked alongside Krispy Kreme to take their customers on an epic 360 sci-fi doughnut adventure called “Journey to Glazetopia,” enticing viewers to celebrate the launch of four new doughnut flavors. During this campaign, limited edition Krispy Kreme Google Cardboard VR headsets were given out to customers who purchased a dozen of any of the introduced flavors. To see more about the Journey to Glazetopia campaign, visit Krispy Kreme

Maxbox VR will create whatever a brand wants, however they want it, with free shipping included. For brands wanting a perfect way to give valuable customers a memorable experience when introducing a new product, hosting an event or holding a giveaway, the VR headsets are completely customizable and smartphone compatible.
“This year, I want to collaborate and partner with all businesses and brands, and I urge all industries to get in touch. I want them to dream up something crazy so we can make it,” said Igor Hadzic, Product Manager for Maxbox VR. “VR cardboard works in so many departments: marketing, education, events... you name it. I love crazy VR experiences and I think they’ll be even better as content production gets more widely accessible.”

To learn more about Maxbox VR, inquire about custom cardboard products or take a look at past projects, visit

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