Thoughts on true love from a man's point of view

When talks about relationship is brought up, it is always the woman that has a say on things. What is right, what should be done, what should not be done, and everything in between. But what if we ask a man what is his take about a relationship, specifically a male doctor, what would he say? Let's finds out Dr. Paolo Bellosillo's thoughts about finding true love.

Dr. Paolo Bellosillo thinks that finding true love is as easy as the quote: “by the fruits you shall and will know.
You can see. You can feel and you can discern.
It’s like you, telling your partner, your husband or wife, fiancĂ©e, boyfriend or girlfriend that you’re thirsty. Instead of coming back with water he or she gives you Halo Halo or perhaps red bean ice cream. When those kind acts pile up they go a long way.
But you see true love is also about acceptance when you have seen the worse in one another but continue to accept and admit ones mistakes, learn from it, desire not to repeat it… well it doesn’t end there, it is when you know you have got to say, convey and show you are “Sorry”.

Acceptance would show true love when you have begun seeing and saying you are sorry and when you expand it into practice and living it out with sincerity. Sincerity in a “Sorry” can actually help one another grow because words with action keep you on track to where you both should be, a happy couple fit for a happy family.
True Love is knowing we are not perfect but accepting that we should always make room for change and growth for the best of the relationship. It is when one begins to detach himself/herself from habits, attitudes and the like of the past where effort is much needed but because of love and its name one decides to open for change for the better.
True Love is love that is faithful, honest, sincere, kind and not a mere dash of perceived look at one for satisfying ones need or complying with a function. It is not pleasurable, for you will know In Your Eyes and in God’s eyes and her/his eyes, This Is It and You’ll Never Be The Same.
When two become one despite the differences because there, love had bridged a gap that time and space cannot separate, that’s true love.”
Any woman will definitely be lucky to marry a man who thinks about love this way. We hope that men all over see love and define love the same way.

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