UPL Media Event: Farmers' Safety and Crop Protection

I was raised in the city and seldom visited the province where my dad was raised. I grew up having no idea about farming but our ancestral house was surrounded by fruit-bearing trees and it looked like a paradise. At the back of the house is a farm which we do not own. Fruits were bountiful and I had interest in harvesting more and dreamed about converting it as a source of income. There is money in crops and fruits and I intend to learn how to earn big.

Basically, what I learned from school, television, and the internet is about organic fertilizers being the best way to go and chemicals are harmful to the health. Like a good student, I never questioned what I have been taught.

On 11th of May 2017, UPL, the 10th largest agrochemical company in the world gathered the media, specifically people from the radio, newspaper, and bloggers as well to discuss about making the world a better place through crop protection and farmers' safety based from UPL'S core which is Doing Things Better.

The speaker from UPL provided a round-up of their products in numerous forms: Insecticide which kills insects,  Fungicide which  kills fungus, Herbicide kills unwanted weeds ,Molluscicide which kills snails, Bactericide which kills bacteria, and Rodenticide which kills rodents. Through the talk, we were educated about synthetic chemicals and the reason for using it instead of going organic. Solely relying on Organic methods can not provide for what our country needs. There are starving mouths that needs to be fed and the only way to go is to use synthetic chemicals. UPL educates farmers regarding the proper way of using chemicals and about following the recommended amounts to be used. UPL broke the misconceptions about using chemicals. They stressed the point that chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals are not connected to Genetic engineering since genes are not altered in any way. Therefore, the molecular structure of crops remains the same. Morever, UPL is informed us that their products are reasonably priced to maintain good quality. UPL is present in 128 countries and their products are available in  agricultural supply stores and authorized distributors. 

It is quite important to understand that the amount of chemicals must be regulated. Agrochemicals can be used to enhance crop yields and protect crops from pests. UPL once again achieved their goal of fulfilling their corporate responsibility to the environment and to the people.

About UPL

UPL has been in the country since August 2012 . UPL is a leading global producer of crop protection and post harvest products, intermediates, specialty chemicals and other industrial chemicals. They offer insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, fumigants and rodenticides. They are not only a leading agrochemical company, UPL is also a warded as one of the Top 50 Most Caring Companies in 2014 and it is visible by the extension of their responsibility to their employees, the environment, and to farmers, even non-farmers.

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