What I Learned At Blogapalooza 2016 (How To Sweep and Shred Fats the Healthy Way!)

Last November 5, 2016 the Blogapalooza was held at the Novotel Hotel in Cubao. It was such an amazing experience to see a lot of bloggers in that said event. There were insightful talks and there weren’t any dull moments. There were also loads of prizes given randomly, not to mention amazing booths in the said event. 

Inside a plenary hall like place, we got to listen to different influential people and several segments from different companies and businesses not just plugging their specialty and brand but mainly reaching out a hand to help us and collaborate with us in the future. It was very exciting and helpful!

What struck me the most and what made an impact to me is the segment of the event’s co-presenter ATC Healthcare’s FatOut. To be honest, I always thought that this was just a slimming supplement that aids in weight loss and management. Period. I didn’t think that there was more to it than that, and it shocked me and my fellow bloggers as well.

First, their segment started with a hint of Zumba. We didn’t do a full session but they have a Zumba instructor for I think a good minute or so and I guess everyone was just shy to Zumba their hearts out but it gave an energizing and fab mood. After that, they immediately called a doctor that spoke about the product—FatOut. The talk wasn’t long and boring like what everyone would imagine when I say “talk” and “doctor”. It was actually meaningful and insightful! So we figured out that FatOut is not just a slimming supplement that concentrates on removing fat. It is a supplement that has ACTUAL HEALTH BENEFITS to our body and it’s AMAZING. What it really does is cleanses and detoxifies the body. It gets rid of the toxins, excess fat and hard to digest food that’s why it gets excreted easily without being stored inside the body for a long time. The difference it does is, it will not give you the diarrhoea effect rather it will regularize bowel movement. You won’t get to experience stomach cramps, oily or fatty poop, palpitation or sweating because like what I said, it is made to BENEFIT and not JEOPARDIZE the health (like other supplements, if you know what I mean).

Now, I can’t wait till I get my hands on FatOut! Can’t wait to try it myself and see what the fuss is all about. All I know is that it’s not just a simple slimming supplement, it’s a colon cleanser!!! Omg. So that’s why Kim Chiu is the endorser, because this isn’t all about a slim figure, it’s about health on the inside and no matter how slim or fat you are, no matter what weight you are on, FatOut really helps. Let’s see what happens when I take FatOut and I’ll keep you guys posted! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!! Health is my number 1 priority but I wouldn’t mind a few shredded pounds as bonus ;)

Photo courtesy of ATC website: atchealthcare.com.ph

PR by ATC Healthcare International Corporation

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